Local Financing & Incentives


County Revolving Loan Funds – Huron County has revolving loan funds that can finance up to 50% of a fixed asset project that will create low to moderate income employment.  The project must meet the following criteria:

  • One full time equivalent job created or, in special cases, retained for every (state requirements allow up to $25,000) or more loaned.  (The less funding required per job created, the better.)
  • One dollar minimum of other funding for every RLF dollar, with at least ten percent of fixed costs in cash equity recommended.
  • The majority of jobs created must be held by persons who, at time of employment, certify in writing that they are from low to moderate income households.  If, for some reason, your project results in a majority of employees above the income thresholds, the only fallback is to have documentation that all persons interviewed, whether they were hired or not, completed an income eligibility form, and that the majority of those interviewed were from low to moderate income households.
  • Project must not involve relocation of any jobs within Ohio, or business must inquire about potential for a waiver.
  • Eligible fixed asset costs include real estate, construction of buildings and on-site improvements, and heavy equipment (usually with a life of over five years).
  • Speculative projects not tied to specific businesses and job creation are ineligible.

Erie Basin RC&D Revolving Loan Fund – Erie Basin has loan funds dedicated to financing equipment and machinery purchases principally for industries related to natural resource development.  The project must meet the following criteria:

  • Creation of one or more jobs
  • Up to $15,000 for each new job created
  • Financial participation by at least one private lender
  • Adequate new or existing collateral as loan security
  • Capability to implement project while repaying loan

Erie Basin RC&D Downtown Revitalization Loan – Erie Basin has a loan funds dedicated to assisting small downtown businesses improve their visibility and overall operations.  Funds may be used for air conditioning, heating, windows and doors, roofing, equipment, and other approved improvements.  The project must meet the following criteria:

  • Uses: equipment and fixed improvements
  • A maximum of $15,000 will be lent per loan
  • Funds are targeted for communities with populations less than 10,000 people

Erie Basin RC&D Renewable Energy Loan – This program allows qualified businesses the opportunity to borrow up to $25,000 to upgrade their businesses to be more energy efficient.  Qualified use of funds include: geo thermal, solar PV, solar thermal, wind turbines, equipment and other approved improvements.


WSOS Microenterprise Loan Program - This loan fund is targeted to new and existing small businesses with five or fewer employees. The goal of the program is to create jobs for low-moderate income individuals.  The project must meet the following criteria:

  • Documentation of low-moderate income job creation/retention is required of business owner. 
  • Uses: Furniture, Fixtures, Machinery/Equipment, Supplies, Inventory, Vehicles, Insurance, Minor Building Improvements, and Working Capital (no acquisition of real estate, major construction, re-financing of existing debt, or franchises)
  • Maximum to Borrow:  $10,000
  • Type of Entity:  Private for Profits
  • Rates:  Prime (minimum of 9%) at time of loan approval
  • Terms:  Maximum of five years


Enterprise Zones - The enterprise zone law in the State of Ohio allows tax abatements of up to 75 percent for ten years for enterprises locating or expanding in cities and villages and 60 percent for those locating or expanding in unincorporated areas.  Currently there are six designated enterprise zones located in Huron County: City of Norwalk, City of Willard, City of Bellevue, Village of Monroeville, Village of Plymouth, and Village of New London.


Huron County Enterprise Zones   Credit: Ohio Department of Development