The Huron County Development Council has served as the county's CIC (Community Improvement Corporation) for the past 28 years.  Formed in 1983, HCDC was originally named The Huron County Economic and Education Development Council (HECDEC).  The HECDEC (pronounced Heck Deck) nickname has stuck with the organization all of this time. 

The opportunity for a full-time director presented itself in 1994 when OSU Extension expanded its community development program and educators.  HECDEC partnered with OSU Extension resulting in dedicated community and economic development services and educational opportunities.  It was during this time that HECDEC's name was changed to HCDC (Huron County Development Council) in an effort to better focus on its role in the county.  OSU budget cuts and the elimination of educator positions brought this beneficial relationship to an end in 2009.

A full-time Executive Director was hired as a HCDC EMPLOYEE in 2009.  The organization started becoming a more recognized and active player in the economic development field.  HCDC maintains a very close working relationship with OSU Extension sharing the expertise and talents of our administrative assistant in a mutually beneficial collaboration between the two organizations. 

HCDC strives to fairly and equally provide economic development services and opportunities for all of the cities, villages, townships, and unincorporated communities in Huron County.